A few nice things.

April 22, 2010 at 9:33 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Can I share with you all a few pretty things that have been on the mind recently?

A razor sharp offset spatula for flipping delicate cuts of fish, and for gently prying perfectly seared scallops off of a sizzling pan, or for frying eggs or something.

And this beautifully designed, spot-on accurate kitchen thermometer.  It uses the same technology used in chemistry labs.  Can you imagine being able to tell to the .07th degree how cooked your goose is?

And this lovely carbon steel saute pan, like the ones Julia Child (and my gastronome grandmother) used extensively.  Until they were so beaten and perfectly seasoned that you could make crepes in them.  Or fry eggs, or make tart tatin.

Along with this pig shaped planter, that would sit by my kitchen window growing some really elegant herb, like rosemary, or thyme, or both.

In the mean time, I would make this hanging vegetable rack out of reused fluted cake pans.

And have a kitchen that looks something like this:

With the exception that instead of having that mid-century circular corner table, there would be a carboy with something fermenting inside of it.  And maybe a huge great dane sleeping on the floor.

I hope you enjoyed this rather wistful post,




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  1. Indeed.

  2. love that pig planter.

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