Snow Day 101

February 22, 2010 at 9:26 am | Posted in Cooking | Leave a comment

This morning I woke up to find nearly a foot of freshly accumulated white stuff outside my front door.  And since my boy is a teacher, and since I was sent home after a few slow hours at work – it could only mean one thing… SNOW DAY!

On the way home we picked up the ingredients to make white chili.  What with my mom being a proud Texan and all, I grew up with red chili.  But, my boy comes from humble Yankee roots, where the white chili reigns supreme.  At the very least, he grew up with his Dad’s awesome white chili, so we thought it would be a nice recipe to add to the repertoire.

(my mom gave me these beautiful mise en place bowls for Christmas)

We ground the cumin and fennel fresh, and had them ready to do their thing.

*A tip I learned from one of my friends, is to cook chili the same way you would cook a curry.  Cook the spices first!  By sauteeing your spices with the onions and butter you allow the spices to release their delicious oils!

Et voila!  White bean chili!

Once we had a pot happily bubbling on our stove, it was time to move on to the next order of snow day business.

Popcorn and a board game.  I love popcorn popped on the stove, its something my dad used to make on winter days while we watched Harrison Ford action movies.  This popcorn was an idea I stole from my friend Corinna.  It is popcorn with grated Montgomery’s Cheddar, pimenton la vera, and melted butter.  Delicious.

We are pretty big board game nerds.  The game is Agricola, you pretend to be a 17th century Italian farmer.  And for the first time, he didn’t beat me – we TIED!  HA!

And after a good game, pushing my car out of the snow, and a snowball fight – there’s no better way to wind down than with a stiff drink.

In my case:

A hot toddy for my sore throat with knob creek bourbon, meyer lemon, and buckwheat honey.  And for him:

A bottle of our last homebrew: a chocolate porter fermented with Askinoisie Cacao Nibs.  On a side note, a couple weeks ago I gave a bottle to Shawn Askinoisie while he was visiting the Z!  Have a great weekend folks!

Cheers and happy eating!



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