A week in food.

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Well, this week started with Valentine’s day, so naturally, it makes a good segway into the first thing I made.

Traditionally girls get these:

but what do you get for a guy that is the sign of romance and affection?


Why yes, that is a bouquet of bacon roses.  I rolled strips of long-pepper-bacon into florets and tied them with cooking twine, then left them under the broiler till they “bloomed”.  Next step, an aluminum foil cone stuffed with paper towels made up the base of the bouquet.  I think he liked it, it was gone in five minutes.

On Tuesday I went to the ZcoB winter huddle, which always gives me the shot in the arm I need to go back to work and do great things.  I heard my friend Sarah give a wonderful presentation on her recent trip to Tunisia, and her food finds there.  (Read her blog)

On Wednesday, I made donuts with my friend Mike.  To be specific, I made meyer lemon creme fraiche donuts with my friend Mike, and we made three dozen of them.

The seasonality of citrus is one of the highlights of winter in gray Michigan.  However, it makes me wish I could have a meyer lemon tree in my backyard.

Kendall Farms Creme Fraiche is the best of the best of the best.

The batter sat for an hour to let the gluten set.  And then we got to the frying!

Mike was nice enough to come over to help, even though his fondue tasting was later that night.  But I think for most of us, cooking is a stress relief.  So we had fun.

Fried rather rustic-ally, a la caste iron skillet.  We had a really hard time maintaining a constaint oil temperature.  So the donuts were extra crispy.  Once cooled, we dipped them in a glaze made of meyer lemon zest and juice.

I wish I had a finished image of the donuts.  But at that point we were too busy eating to have time for photography.  We brought the donuts, still warm,  to our weekly finance meeting (huddle) where they were devoured on-site.

And it was good.

Hope you all have great week!

Cheers and happy eating,


So Anyways


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